Burning Regulations

The Town of Seymour now has two "Smokey the Bear" signs.  One is located at the Fire Station and the other at the Town Hall.  Both have the fire danger level sign which is updated as needed.

The Town of Seymour has two different  burning regulation areas.  If you are east of County Highway P, you are in the DNR Wildfire Protection area and require an annual DNR written permit, as well as an online permit from the Township Fire Department.  You can obtain the DNR written permit at the Town Hall or on the DNR website at https://dnr.wi.gov/topic/ForestFire/permits.html.

If you are west of County Highway P, you just need the online permit from the Township Fire Dept.

  • PERMITS ARE AVAILABLE AFTER 4 PM, MONDAY-FRIDAY AND 8AM TO 8PM ON SATURDAY. online at http://townshipfire.org/permits/

The online Township Fire Dept. permit must be obtained EACH time you are going to burn.

The best prevention of wildfires is stopping them BEFORE they start.  This begins with knowing the safest times to burn.  We have pamphlets available at the Town Hall and also give instruction to you in our newsletters and this website.

Burning barrel permits are allowed only after it has been inspected.  Applications can be obtained at the Town Hall and cost $25.00 each, which covers the cost of the inspection.   These are annual permits and must be renewed and re-inspected each year.

The following restrictions apply to ALL BURNING:

  1. Only burn legal materials:  Trees, brush, leaves, untreated/unpainted wood and clean “non-recyclable” paper products. ALL OTHER MATERIAL IS ILLEGAL TO BURN.
  2. Fires must be attended at all times.
  3. Hours of burning are 6pm to midnight and the fire must be out by midnight.
  4. No burning is allowed on Sundays or Holidays

Burning permits (written and/or verbal) are required when the ground is not completely covered with sufficient snow (cooking and campfires exempt).

For more information on the new regulations or permits you may call the DNR or the Seymour Town Hall Monday through Friday 9AM to 1PM.

You may obtain a new ANNUAL burning permit from:

  1. Augusta Ranger Station (715) 286-4340
  2. Emergency Fire Wardens at the Town Hall Office:  Sarah Smith and Jean Eisold (715) 834-4999 call between 9am and 1pm.