Paving on 50th Ave will begin on Thursday September 24th weather permitting.:


The Burning Ban has been lifted by the DNR and the Township Fire Dept as of May 22, 2020

The burning ban has been lifted and you may now burn as long as you have obtained the requried burning permit(s).  If you are in the DNR Wildfire area you need to obtain both the DNR annual permit and contact the Township Fire Dept EVERY time you burn more than a campfire.  If you are outside the DNR area, you still need to obtain the Township Fire Dept permit.   You can obtain the DNR permit on the DNR website or at the Town Hall.   The Township Fire Dept permit can be obtained by accessing their website at  No burning on Sundays or Holidays and burning only from 6 pm to midnight M-F and 8 am to midnight on Saturdays.